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01 Og Maco – Full Tank (Feat. Holis Mason & Theo Ferragamo) [Prod. By Archibald Slim]
02 Og Maco – Who Came To Party (Feat. J.I.D) [Prod. By Archibald Slim]
03 Og Maco – Boss Up (Feat. Brylan Kerr) [Prod. By Archibald Slim]
04 Og Maco – Everlasting (Feat. Zeus Trappin) [Prod. By Maco Mattox & Brandon Thomas]
05 Og Maco – Pistol (Feat. Brandon Thomas) [Prod. By Brandon Thomas & Misterraythewizard]

OG Maco – I Made This Shit Before U Guessed It-2015

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