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01 D-Aye – My Life [Prod. By Jb]
02 D-Aye – Homeboys [Prod. By Skool Boy]
03 D-Aye – Dope Game (Feat. Jr Boss)
04 D-Aye – See Me (Feat. J Marsh) [Prod.By Jb]
05 D-Aye – Trap Hard [Prod. By Jb]
06 D-Aye – In The Way [Prod. By Jb]
07 D-Aye – Heartz Of Men
08 D-Aye – Cool La La (Feat. Skooly) [Prod. By Slick B]
09 D-Aye – Nawfside (Feat. X-Quad) [Prod. By H2O]
10 D-Aye – If I
11 D-Aye – Never Show Love [Prod. By Jb]
12 D-Aye – Fcc Shit [Prod. By Treble Gang]
13 D-Aye – Check (Feat. Supenard & Cbm Tazz) [Prod. By Jb]
14 D-Aye – Fwm (Feat. Jaboo) [Prod. By Jb]
15 D-Aye – Don’t Have Time [Prod. By Skool Boy]
16 D-Aye – See Me Fall (Feat. Yung Small) [Prod. By Cet50]
17 D-Aye – Deserve This [Prod. By Skool Boy]
18 D-Aye – Yoon Even Know [Prod. By Burn One]
19 D-Aye – Don’t Let Up [Prod. By Skool Boy]

D-Aye – Livin Life Fast 3 (Hosted By DJ Frank White)-2015

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