The real history behind Cinco de Mayo and the importance of May 5th

28,381 views May 4, 2023Every year thousands of Americans crowd intro their favorite bars and restaurants for Cinco de Mayo. Many use it as the prefect excuse to go out for a drink or favorite Mexican meal, but the majority don’t know the real history behind Cinco de Mayo. “It’s not Cinco de drinko, that’s off the table and it’s also not Mexican Independence Day,” said Gerardo Rios, a professor of Mexican American studies and history at Southwestern College. Rios explains why the fifth of May is an important date in Mexican history. “What Cinco de Mayo celebrates is the Mexican liberal victory over the French forces that had invaded Mexico,” said Rios. In 1862, a powerful French army led by Napoleon III was sent to invade the country, and even though they outnumbered the Mexican army, they were met with a strong resistance in the Mexican state of Puebla. MORE:…

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