Night Food Hunt in Honduras Dodgy Streets!!🇭🇳 (High Risk)

2,481 views Jul 28, 2022 I had just arrived in a new Honduran city, La Ceiba. It was 10.30pm and I had checked into a random hostel I had found online. As soon as I threw my stuff on a bed, I asked the receptionist where I could get food because I was literally starving! She said there was a corner with street food 5 minutes away, but she added that at that time it could be dangerous for me to walk alone in that area. I respected her concern and advice, but I was too hungry to think about the worst case scenario during a 5 minute night walk. THANKS A LOT FOR WATCHING MY VIDEOS!! ►SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL ✅ You can also help the channel grow by like, comment and subscribe. If you have friends who are interested in traveling, sharing videos is also very positive!! ►For more content you can also find me here too, My Instagram for travel updates: My Facebook for shorter vids: My “Funny” Tiktok: BUSINESS INQUIRIES: #timmykarter #honduras #hondurasbynight

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