Wild Wilmas Fireworks Demo 2022 

Wild Wilmas Fireworks Demo 2022. Brands from Red Lantern, Pyro Box, Pyro Demon, Dragon Blade, Brothers, Flashing Fireworks, and Big Fireworks. There was issues on a few cakes but that always comes with fireworks and made for a fun time. Link to each product in the timeline below. Demo List 0:05 Open Sesame Fountain: T-Sky 1:24 Wonderful Fountain: T-Sky 2:43 5” Sky Overlord Shells: Red Lantern 2:58 5” Salute To America Shells: Pyro Box 3:13 6” X-Space Shells: Pyro Box 3:27 5” K.O. Shells: Pyro Box 3:40 5” Disco Boom Shells: Pyro Box 3:54 5” Nishiki Bomb Shells: Pyro Box 4:13 4” Fear Of The Dark Shells: Pyro Demon 4:28 5” Big Daddy Shells: Pyro Demon 4:41 Super Stallion 16s: Brothers 5:16 Fire Drake 36s: Brothers 6:14 Beyond It All 25s: Brothers 6:57 Old Ironsides 30s: Brothers 7:31 After Shock 16s: Flashing Fireworks 7:49 Hail Storm 25s: Flashing Fireworks 8:18 Kracken 16s: Flashing Fireworks 8:45 Flame Thrower 16s: Flashing Fireworks 9:10 Pardy Hardy 18s: Flashing Fireworks 9:35 Poundage 25s: Flashing Fireworks 9:55 Purple Squirrels 18s: Flashing Fireworks 10:24 Tickled Pink 16s: Flashing Fireworks 11:15 Dancing Flowers 25s: Red Lantern 11:42 Sky Light 25s: Red Lantern 12:10 The Warlord 13s: Dragon Blade 12:38 Colorful Comets 21s: Dragon Blade 12:56 Memory Maker 10s: Dragon Blade 13:17 Desert Blossum 16s: Dragon Blade 13:38 Raging Zombie 12s: Pyro Box 13:59 Crackle Blast 24s: Pyro Box 14:30 Cold Code 15s: Pyro Box 14:50 Disappearing Ink 16s: Pyro Box 15:09 X-Weapon 25s: Pyro Box 15:48 Rapid Fire 50s: Pyro Box 16:21 Majesty Secret 41s: Pyro Box 16:36 Thunder Bolt 15s: Pyro Box 17:00 Kick Ass 12s: Pyro Demon 17:35 Mike Drop 12s: Pyro Demon 18:04 Nice Rack 12s: Pyro Demon 18:36 Third Base 12s: Pyro Demon 19:10 Noise Maker 12s: Pyro Demon 19:41 Golden Dream 13s: Pyro Demon 19:56 Release The Beast 12s: Flashing Fireworks 20:27 Monster Crackle 27s: Flashing Fireworks 20:57 Disco Pyro 16s: Flashing Fireworks 21:40 Snow Blind 16s: Pyro Demon 22:31 Live Wire 25s: Pyro Demon 22:54 Road To The Fourth Of July 49s: Pyro Demon 23:27 Keep It Real 25s: Pyro Box 23:46 Texas Cowboy 30s: Flashing Fireworks 24:15 1500 Gram Finale #1: Pyro Demon 24:42 1500 Gram Finale #2: Pyro Demon 25:11 Mayhem 1000 Gram Finale: Pyro Demon 25:40 Flash Point 12s: Pyro Demon 26:26 Lord Of Guns 16s: Red Lantern 26:54 Sky Static 13s: Red Lantern 27:28 Caged Rage 21s: Red Lantern 28:06 Bombs Bursting In Air 23s: Red Lantern 28:50 Demolition Derby 25s: Red Lantern 29:08 Execution 20s: Red Lantern 29:30 Northern Lights 24s: Red Lantern 29:57 Rockets Red Glare 22s: Red Lantern 30:30 Team Coco 33s: Red Lantern 31:24 K.A.G (Keep America Great) 25s: Red Lantern 31:46 Sky Walker 16s: Red Lantern 32:24 Change Of Pace 42s: Red Lantern 33:00 Massive American 10s: Big Fireworks 33:34 Crazy Bitch 16s: Big Fireworks 34:12 Infinite Willow 9s: Megaton 34:59 Palms Of Color 16s: Dragon Blade 35:24 Counter Strike 12s: Dragon Blade 35:56 Patriotic Machine Gun 300s: Megaton 36:30 Forbidden Pleasure 33s: Dragon Blade 36:55 Throne Games 8s: Dragon Blade 37:24 The Assassin 16s: Dragon Blade 37:50 Proud And Loud 9s: Dragon Blade 38:24 The Medalist 30s: Brothers 38:58 Blonde Joke 36s: Brothers 39:55 Hit The Road Jack 49s: Brothers 40:40 Sky Scraper 30s: Brothers 41:11 Light Brigade 40s: Brothers 42:15 Power Of Salute 27s: Pyro Box 42:46 Presidential Power 9s: Pyro Box 43:25 Bombastic 25s: Pyro Box 43:48 Neon Boom 9s: Pyro Box 44:27 Monster Hunter 9s: Pyro Box 45:06 Spider Killer 10s: Pyro Box 45:43 Roman Soldier 42s: Pyro Box 46:54 Greek God 42s: Pyro Box 47:58 Poseidon Adventure 36s: Pyro Box 49:06 Fire Guardian 36s: Pyro Box 49:37 Plan B 18s: Pyro Box 50:14 Touch The Moon 25s: Pyro Box 50:38 Heavy Hitter 25s: Pyro Box 51:00 Mojito 20s: Pyro Box 51:24 Red Code 25s: Pyro Box 51:52 Dangerous Minds 30s: Pyro Box Dangerous Minds Lites Pyro Box – Needless To Say 52:41 Fire Boom 21s: Pyro Box 53:17 Big Sur 25s: Pyro Box 53:37 Brocade Crown To Green 28s: Pyro Box 53:54 Green Strobe Willow 28s: Pyro Box 54:10 Loli Bomb NOAB 9s: Pyro Box 54:43 Extra Warm NOAB 9s: Pyro Box 55:22 Nishiki Kamuro NOAB 9s: Pyro Box 55:56 One Loud Cloud NOAB 9s: Pyro Box 56:42 US NOAB 9s: Pyro Bomb 57:13 Color w/Coconuts 25s 57:45 Color w/Spiders 25s 58:12 Dahlia 36s 58:37 Fan Cake 36s 59:00 Talliblitz 49s 59:27 Ack Ack 60s: Articles Of Pyrotechnics 59:57 Sinister 177s 1/1 1:00:21 Payback 200s 1/1 1:02:31 Incubus 228s 1/1 1:03:00 Pure Mayhem 600s 1/1

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