Mosquito XET Turbine. Private Helicopter For Less Than $50,000

Become a MojoGrip MVP More on the Mosquito helicopter here Subscribe for MORE: Support Mojogrip on Patreon 3 years ago I covered this ultralight helicopter at a drone expo. Unfortunately, I didn’t give a proper view of the Mosquito helicopter so in this video I am doing a more in-depth review and first impression of the aircraft. Mosquito Helicopter is an ultralight single seat helicopter produced by Composite FX down in Florida. This aircraft is an ultralight and is in the experimental category. Meaning you can build one yourself after buying your kit and engine. You do have different options with engine choices and avionics. The Mosquito helicopter can be fitted with a piston engine or a turbine engine. Typical cost for piston engine models are right around $50,000 finished. For a turbine engine you’re looking at double the price mainly because of the price of the turbine engine. The specific model showcased in this video is the XET model which is fitted with a 95HP turbine engine. The helicopter will climb at 1200 feet per minute and can cruise at 80 miles per hour. This is a sweet little ride for the fun and adventures pilot. Training is required to operate your helicopter. For more details you can reach out to Composite FX.

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