People Can Do Amazing Things 2018-2019

We’re always amazed by the things people can do! This is a compilation of some of our favorite clips from last year as well as some clips for videos coming out this year. ◆ Kuma Shirts→ ◆ Subscribe→ ◆ More vids→ Website→ Facebook→ Instagram→ @KumaFilms Twitter→ @kumakumafilms Soundcloud→ Send us stuff! PO Box 1253 Orem, UT 84059 Featuring: ◆ John Farnworth Freestyle Football in LA→ ◆ Bryan Jardin Instagram – ◆ Todd Robins Instagram – ◆ Sean Oulashin Card Shuffling Ninja→ ◆ Tim Byrne Skate Church→ ◆ Sam Tobey Instagram –

Category: Funny Videos
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