Waka Flocka – Waka Flocka Myers 9-2017 Mixtape & Video

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01 – Waka Flocka Myers 9 (Intro)
02 – Haunted House Of Rock (Feat Whodini) [Prod By Dj Cannon Banyon]
03 – Trap My Ass Off [Prod By Luney G]
04 – Big Dawg
05 – Askin For (Feat Just Rich Gates)
06 – Never Cool Anyway (Feat Bob) [Prod By Fleshbeats]
07 – Day Zeros (Feat Kso) [Prod By Dj Baby Gold Jesus]
08 – Nightmare On 4Th Street (Feat Freddie Cruger Jazzy Jeff Fresh Prince)
09 – G Code
10 – White Girl (Feat Eldorado Red)
11 – Boomin On Da Southside (Feat Nephewtexasboy Wooh Da Kid) [Prod By Southside Metro Boomin]
12 – Always Ready (Feat Veli Sosa Trouble) [Prod By Will-A-Fool]
13 – Dont Love (Feat Derez Deshon) [Prod By Atl Jacob]
14 – Fareal Fareal (Feat Kannon Speed)
15 – Cant Slave Me (Feat Dj Whoo Kid Wildfella Arman Cekin)
16 – Circles (Feat Derez Deshon) [Prod By Southside]
17 – Haunted House Of Rock (Instrumental) [Prod By Dj Cannon Banyon]
18 – Waka Myers 9 (Instrumental) [Prod By Dj Cannon Banyon]

Waka Flocka – Waka Flocka Myers 9-2017 Mixtape & Video

Waka Flocka Myers 9

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