YFN Kay – I’m Workin 2-2017 Mixtape & Video

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01 Yfn Kay – Ride Around (Feat. Nephew Texas Boy)
02 Yfn Kay – Gettin’ It (Feat. Street Money Boochie) [Prod. By Mondo]
03 Yfn Kay – Trap Life (Feat. Mexico Marc)
04 Yfn Kay – Fck What Dey Think (Feat. Jose Guapo)
05 Yfn Kay – Bout Mine (Feat. Johnny Cinco & Birdgang Greedy)
06 Yfn Kay – Yea Yea (Feat. Ralo)
07 Yfn Kay – #Hashtag (Feat. Block 125)
08 Yfn Kay – Situation
09 Yfn Kay – Kan’t Be (Feat. Jose Guapo)
10 Yfn Kay – I Ain’t Tryna Kick It (Feat. Yfn Lucci, Yfn Trae Pound & Birdgang Greedy) [Prod. By Mitch Mulla]
11 Yfn Kay – 2 Seater (Feat. Yfn Trae Pound) [Prod. By Stoopid Beats]
12 Yfn Kay – Fly Inn
13 Yfn Kay – Knee High (Feat. Mexico Marc) [Prod. By Atl Jacob]
14 Yfn Kay – Don’t Do That Nomo (Feat. Nephew Texas Boy) [Prod. By Southside]
15 Yfn Kay – Scrooge Mcduck
16 Yfn Kay – Choppa

YFN Kay – I’m Workin 2-2017 Mixtape & Video

YFN Kay - I'm Workin 2

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